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Recreational Vehicles in Aspen Colorado

It doesn't matter how you get to Aspen, as long as you do get here. Enjoy the journey as much as the place by traveling here in your recreational vehicle! Here is some information if you visit Aspen via RV whether you're crossing the United States, on summer vacation, or cruising at a leisurely pace.

  • Trailers or motor homes over 35 feet in length are prohibited from traveling on Highway 82 over Independence Pass.
  • The City of Aspen prohibits sleeping in vehicles, this includes RVs. Day parking for RVs can be found at Rio Grande Park in the carpool lot or on Monarch Street. For more information, visit This will give you a general idea of what to expect. For even further information, you may call the Parking Control Department at (970) 920-5267.

The City of Aspen has park-and-ride options. Please visit for more information.  For in-town bus schedules, visit RFTA's website at or call (970) 925-8484.