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Summit For Life Uphill Race

December 7-8 2012 marks the 7th Annual Aspen Summit for Life! Summit for Life is a weekend celebration of organ donor awareness activities centered around a nighttime uphill race on Aspen Mountain. The event benefits the Chris Klug Foundation (CKF), a foundation dedicated to promoting lifesaving donation and improving the quality of life for donors, donor families, organ transplant candidates and recipients.

Participants who hike up Aspen Mountain (3,267 vertical feet over 2.5 miles) are required to raise a minimum amount in pledges. Last year was a record breaking year in participation and fundraising with 400 racers bringing in a total of $125,000! All proceeds go directly to CKF so they may continue educating teenagers and young adults about the importance of organ and tissue donation nation-wide.

Learn more about the weekend's activities and register here:
Recreational Start: 5pm
Competitive Start: 6pm